Would you do business with a breeder who does this?

Some of you might know… I was talking to a breeder for a gcc baby throughout December.She had one clutch just born then, and I waited weeks just to find out if any of them would turn out to be normal colored gcc’s. Then turns out there is only one, and she sold it to someone else because they had the deposit right away. I was quite disappointed and she knew that.The other day I emailed her again, asking what she has, and she told me she only has pineapples 5-7 weeks old and one yellowsided to go. A couple hours later, I found out that she’s told someone else on a parrotlet forum that she has 4 week old normal green cheeks. What is this? All through December, she knew I had been waiting to hear from her for normal green cheeks, and she never told me of this. Even yesterday when I emailed her, she didn’t tell me of them.I feel like she is trying to sell me her more expensive pineapples by hiding the truth.I don’t exactly feel too positive about this breeder.

If you have a bad feeling then you should probably avoid her. But do remember that hearing something on a forum may not be accurate… unless you absolutely trust the source.

Well, the person on that forum was actually purchasing a bird from the said breeder, and was talking about what the breeder had apparently told her.

I scrapped two breeders entirely prior to finding the one I ended up getting Truman from. I was ready to send a deposit and everything to each of the prior ones until they proved themselves utterly incompetent and unable to handle business. When a breeder is impossible to deal with on a person to person level, makes you wonder how they manage with the birds. The breeder-customer experience is as important as the breeder-bird experience so I suggest to find others. When you no longer feel dependent on this specific breeder, she’ll be calling you and offering birds she has. The first breeder I dealt with just lied about what birds she had because she told me about them on the phone but didn’t post to her site. Or she posted and then changed it around completely. If they can’t manage those kind of things, keep the story straight, and be honest with you, you shouldn’t deal with them.The most important thing for you to do, is relax. You have to realize that with a parrot that lives 15+ years, a few months here and there changes little. Be patient and your time will be greatly rewarded with a better parrot and an enjoyable experience.

I agree that it could be mis-communication or misunderstandings. I’m a little confused about the deposit situation, though. Have you told the breeder you don’t have a deposit yet? If so, she may be thinking of you as a future customer, not a current one. The note about selling to someone who “had a deposit right away” made me wonder if there was some uncertainty there.

I had been on her waiting list for a normal gcc initially, and I waited for the babies to be born and to grow in their feathers. Few weeks later, I emailed her again asking for updates. That’s when she told me she only has ONE gcc. At THAT point in time, the NEW batch of gcc’s were born or about to hatch. (that she didn’t tell me about, ever)The only reason I hesitated on putting down the deposit was because there was only ONE and I wanted to choose to see which one would click. Keep in mind that when we had this conversation, the new clutch was totally hatching or hatched, so she should have told me as I’d been waiting for a normal one.I told her that I definitely wanted to buy from her, it’s just I wanted to interact with several and choose that ‘one’. And she said I had to choose if I wanted the normal one/put down deposit right then, or it would go to someone else. I couldn’t just make a decision on the spot for a baby I’d never met, so I let it go. She also mentioned several times that she has lots of pineapples to choose from.The whole deposit thing doesn’t really matter as she had plenty of time to tell me she had a newer clutch before the deposit issue even came up. I was on her waiting list, waiting for the initial clutch to grow! She probably figured I’d end up buying one of her pineapples if she kept telling me how many of those she had, and completely leave out the other set of babies.