Yellowstone birding & wildlife!

Hello guys, just got back from my week-long vacation to Yellowstone National Park. I know this is not related to parrots but still birds and animals. Saw some great birds and wildlife over there!! There was no Wifi at our lodge so I couldn’t post last week. Saw some large mammals such as moose, elk, bison, mule deer, pronghorn, beavers, foxes, and coyotes. Got 20ft away from huge bison (in the car, of course!) several times. Bison everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE. No bears or wolves. Phooey. Always wanted to see a wild grizzly bear. Also the cutest little ground squirrels were everywhere. Fished for cutthroat trout in mountain streams.Bird species seen on this trip:- Western Tanager- Lazuli Bunting- Townsend’s Solitaire- Cedar Waxwing- Yellow Warbler- Wilson’s Warbler- Yellow Rumped Warbler- Mountain Bluebird- Vesper Sparrow- Song Sparrow- Stellar’s Jay- Dusky Grouse- Ruffed Grouse- Bald Eagle- Swainson’s Hawk- Red Tailed Hawk- American Kestrel- Osprey- Clark’s Grebe- Eared Grebe- Ring Necked Duck- Gadwall- Trumpeter Swan- American WigeonI’m sure I saw more than this, but these are all the species I can remember. I’m not sure how many of you guys are birders, but everyone here seems to love all wildlife! Birds were well taken care of while away. They were very happy to see me! Bluebell immediately flew to my hand, and Ducky bowed his head to be scritched. I’m getting the GCC soon; either Wednesday or Saturday. Thinking of Kermit as a possible name for the little guy!

Welcome back! It sounds as if you had a WONDERFUL vacation! And so many birds! How did you identify them all? Do you have a bird guide?

I did have a wonderful vacation. I’ve been to Rocky Mountain National Park as well, but Yellowstone has 10x more birds, 10x more mammals, and 10x better fishing. Beautiful scenery too! And geysers, hot springs, thermal features. Most of the birds I identified on my own, but I had a field guide with and that helped me identify some tricky ones like the Clark’s grebe because it looks very similar to the Western Grebe. What do you think of Tango for the GCC? Or do you like Kermit better? Also looking at a local parrot rescue to potentially adopt a friend for Bluebell.