Young Bird Owners

About a week ago I was reading a topic about the ages of the members of the site. I’m 18, and have 3 birds. Two budgies and a cockatiel. Anyways, I saw that there were a lot of members around my age. What did you do about school?I’m taking a year off before going to university. I am taking my birds with me, and I will be living in a townhouse/apartment setting. Is this what everyone else is doing? What are your plans for your birds when you go to school?I have my plans set, as I am financially secure. I’m not a big on parties, and will spend all my free time looking after my babies. Just wondering

I’m 19 and I have 5 birds I currently go to college full time in the veterinary technician program. I live at home which really helps. All my “free” time goes to my birds and studying, not to much of a social life here :stuck_out_tongue:

While school years are behind me, I can share what I did…Well first off, I only had Piper while I was attending University. Mind you, I was in a totally different city and living in residence to save on rent (not paying the summer months when I was back home). I got Piper right after I was done my second year…and given I was coming back home during the last semester of my third year (Bachelor degrees in Quebec are basically 3 years long since we have CEGEP between high school and University), that meant that Piper was at my parents without me for 3 months and a half.Before I got him though, I did run it by my parents and they were perfectly fine with it (seeing how they already had 2 lovebirds and 2 African Greys (or it might have been only one Grey at the time, I don’t remember…)

I’m planning on moving all the way to Thunder Bay for school…a long trip for me and my birds

I’m seventeen and in highschool (fun, fun, fun) rainbow is a great study-buddy though. When I do homework she’ll either cuddle up to my shoulder or terrorize my desk and keep things interesting… If worst comes to worst when college comes around I know my parents will be happy to keep her until I can take her back (not ideal ) but hopefully I can figure out the right living arrangements or go to a local college

I’m 15 and in high school. I’m kind of taking Giantmoa’s route. Possibly leave my tiels with family until I can keep them in a place that allows birds. (Not as ideal) Or hopefully find a local college where I can keep them at home and be able to care for them. I just hope in the time it takes me to graduate from HS that the economy improves to the point that I’ll be able to support myself financially and be able to afford off-campus housing of my own wherever I chose to go.

It’s actually cheaper to live off campus in most cases. Besides, I never want the “dorm room” experience. Too much of an OCD

Gee…I feel so old. Well, I never went to college unfortunately for me but I did a stint in the military and while I was away I only had a budgie, who my dad watched for me.

im 18 this month currently in my last few weeks of high school, im taking a gap year next year and then doing a degree in animal management, captive wild animals at university im most likley going to rent or board with mates at school (sorry if i spell anything wrong jango is currently walking across the keyboard) so ym birds shouldn’t be an issue, if worse comes to worse i have people who are willing to look after him but there is a 00.00000001 % chance that will be the case

i am half way through college, undecided if i will continue to my bachelors degree or not, but if i did we (me and my boyfriend) could live off campus since i would be transferring in as a junior. i will be adopting a military macaw soon( in a few months) so an apartment is out of the question lol. We have been looking into renting a house, hopefully by next summer, as early as christmas would be great.